Sorry that I have not posted for a while! Life has been pretty hectic lately with Chris being in school the last and me at home with the boys, along for the first time since Aiden was born. Mac  and Aiden have gotten to be very active little boys this last month! Mac is running around like crazy  and is  now learning how to climb things, while baby Aiden now has 2 teeth on the bottom, is rolling over both ways, and trying his hardest to crawl before he can even sit up on his own. And for some reason I have been really into baking and spending a lot of time on-line looking up recipes to try, and trying my hardest to get back into the routine of working out several times a week.

Chris is now finished with school, and hopefully will be going back to work very soon, and we are now getting ready to move into the apartment upstairs. So life wont be calming down anytime soon, but thankfully I have gotten the hang of being home by myself all day with both boys!


Both boys had a well baby visit yesterday with Dr.Evans. She said they both looked perfect, which I already knew :). And that they are growing normally, and developing right on track.

Maclin weighs 23.14 lbs and is 30.5  inches long. So he is in the 40th percentile for weight and 31st for lenth

Aiden weighs 13.13 lbs and is 25 inches long. So he comes in at the 33rd percentile for weight and the 70th percentile for length.

So it looks like Chris and I will have a  little football player and basketball player running around the house pretty soon 😉

I realized that I haven’t posted anything mainly about Aiden since he was born. He is  finally somewhat liking tummy time thankfully, and is trying very hard to roll over to his back. He is also doing amazing with holding his head up!

The day before Easter Maclin had  his first Easter Egg hunt! It was  also for Chase and Akemi, Maclin’s 2 little friends. It was so funny watching the kids run around  and pick up the eggs! Or open them to see what was inside!

And earlier in the week we did egg color with the kids. That was an experience! Akemi tried to eat the eggs when she grabbed them out of the color and Mac thought they where balls so he was throwing them all. It seemed that Chase was the only one that thought it was fun to just color them.

So Aiden is 13 weeks now, smiling and laughing and trying to roll over, he is also teething already! And Maclin is running around, and trying his hardest to talk! He finally has 3 of his molars and is quickly getting the rest of his teeth in. Their next doctor visit is in the beginning of May. It will be Maclin’s 15 month visit and Aiden’s 4 month! It’s crazy how big they are both getting!


Little Aiden Lee was born Jan. 14 at 9:07 weighing 6 lbs 9.3 ounces and was 19.5 inches long! And since his arrival was sooner than expected I didn’t have the camera in the hospital bag 😦 But thankfully the hospital works with a photography company that specializes in newborn/baby portraits so we did end up with newborn pictures!


So now that Maclin is a lot more mobile and curious about things, he seems to want to ‘help’ Chris and I with chores in the kitchen, like putting groceries away. He especially loves to try and help us put food away in the fridge…